The Oranjezicht City Farm Market (OZCF Market) is our favouritest favouritest market in Cape Town. We try to visit weekly and do the majority of our food shopping – our fruit and veg, meats, eggs, olive oil and nuts (and even a sneaky gin on occasion). Because we go so regularly we have a little routine – arrive early and buy a coffee IMMEDIATELY. Then a spot of breakfast (the choices are varied and delicious) and then we do our little grocery shop.

It’s so awesome to get to know the various suppliers and chat to them about what they have available, or what’s new and interesting. But more than that, it means we’re supporting local farmers and artisanal food producers, reducing the amount of plastic we buy, and enjoying the best quality (veg is organic and meat is pasture reared). But also very exciting is that they often have unusual vegetables or varietals available – like acorn squash (spaghetti squash), dragon fruit, purple heirloom potatoes, truffles!, chou chous (WHAT??), heirloom cucumbers and Bulgarian pink tomatoes. It’s like a little treasure hunt. But you need to be quick and early – because these little gems are snaffled up at the speed of light. So keep an eye on their facebook page for their latest offerings and have the best Saturday morning ever (soon to be open on Sundays too!)