We’ve been big fans of Marrow since they opened nearly a year ago. We think it’s a real treat to be able to buy freshly made broth over the counter – it saves you hours and hours of boiling carcasses yourself! Not only is it schlurpingly delicious, there are many documented health benefits like boosting your immune system and aiding digestion. But for us, it’s enough that it’s yummy.

Marrow is the cutest little space on Loop Street – simply perfect to pop in to and grab a cup, bowl or a litre to go. Slip through the wishbone fabric entrance, place your order at the counter and then get ready to enjoy. While you wait take in the modest Japanese-inspired décor and counters along the sides. Completely unpretentious.

There are currently 5 different flavours, in stainless steel pots bubbling at the back of the serving space – white (vegetarian), clear (bone), green (dashi), brown (bone) and golden (Asian bone) – either served plain or in a bowl of complementary fresh ingredients. Our personal favourite is the brown, served with slivers of apricot, venison, lentils and flaked almonds. And if you’re the hungry sort you can order a few additional toppings like a soft-boiled egg, or a few rice balls. Do enjoy a glass of their homemade shrub or cordial with your meal and then let the tiny little homemade square of Turkish delight melt on your tongue for a little something sweet to finish.