So a Food Jam is a bit like a music jamming session (where you improvise with other musicians)…. but with food. A bunch of friends get together for a food experience with a difference. Run by Jade de Waal, the concept is that you cook together, hopefully something new and interesting, and then enjoy the meal you’ve prepared, at a sharing table. Improvisation is encouraged and you don’t have to be a dab hand in the kitchen – if you can read, you can cook these dishes.

The session starts off with a welcome drink and a hand wash, after which you’re placed into work groups by random draw. You’re provided with your recipe and all your ingredients and you’re ready to go. If I could cook like this every day I would – music blaring, drinks flowing, someone to clean up your mess (the staff are divine), or give advice, and all you need to do is add your personal touch (or not) and enjoy yourself.

The recipes make sure you ‘take a sip’ regularly and Jade encourages you to adapt the recipe or play a little as ‘There are no rules’ is the only rule of the kitchen. It’s fun. It’s social. It’s different. Give it a try.