In case you haven’t visited the Zeitz MOCAA, you really should go. Even if you’re not a massive fan of contemporary art, the architecture alone will take your breath away. The atrium space is incredible from every angle and you almost have to tear yourself away to go view the artworks. As the light changes, the shadows create interesting shapes and contrasts and as you move up through the levels of the gallery, your view changes yet again. Even the staircase is interesting. Overall it really is an awe-inspiring interior.

There is a load to see in terms of art (put aside at least half a day, probably more) and there are new exhibitions regularly. It’s rather exciting to see what’s coming out of Africa – some really beautiful pieces, some rather disturbing, some a bit confusing. Not everything moved us. But that’s the beauty of art – it engages people in different ways and everyone sees and experiences things uniquely.

Also remember that there’s free entrance for all Africans on Wednesdays (from 10:00 – 13:00) upon presentation of an ID card.