Every year very dear friends of ours visit Cape Town in December. And each year the girls (they’re teenagers now) and Frans hatch a plan to go paragliding but somehow that never actually happened until this year.

What excitement! What nerves! The girls committed and were in. But Frans had a slight (quite long TBH) moment of doubt. Thought about how many ways this could go wrong. But all the tourists who had done it as well as the pilots convinced him and then it was A…..for Away.

They gave him the ‘skinny pilot’ which was too funny for words but the skinny dude @loncarpetar is a Redbull paraglider and showed Frans a few ‘tricks’. If you want to see a few incredible stunts check out Petar on Instagram. The girls had the best best time with pilots @zentibishop and @flywemust. I’ll let the video and photos do the talking – I can’t squeal quite that loudly on paper.