The minute I saw a photo of the Greenhouse at Fazenda I rushed to make a booking – and even then we had to wait a few months.  Now they’re fully booked until next year because it’s just so popular.  But people I promise you – it’s worth the wait!

The drive to Swellendam was wonderful – green wheat fields, acid yellow canola fields, loads of sheep (and baby sheeps too) and snow on the peaks of the distant mountains.  If we stopped once, we stopped a thousand times for ‘just one more photo’, with a brilliant sighting of a Jackal Buzzard.  The countryside is so beautiful at the moment – our country does not suck!

The Greenhouse is set in it’s own secluded little forest, near the river gushing down the kloof.  Marilouise told us they “quickly built it during lockdown” – bloody genius idea I tell you.  There are 3 other cottages as well – two of which overlook a gorgeous dam with the mountains in the background.  The entire setting is simply stunning – you really can’t take it all in.

The greenhouse is completely unique.  There are 3 doors which you can open up so it feels like the forest exterior merges seamlessly into the interior which is just stuffed with plants and parrots and insects – every corner has something to discover.  The décor is very clever – everything feels really intentional and carefully thought out.  Old and new blend together, with the focus being on nature with black accents throughout.

We were there in the middle of winter (remember that snow I mentioned?) so it was chilly!  The indoor fireplace warmed up the inside- we just kept feeding it all day long – but the highlight for us was the electric blanket on the beds so that our toes were nice and toasty.  It’s a great bed by the way!!!

The property borders the Marloth Nature Reserve so we did some great walks – up to the reserve and down to the river.  Really peaceful.  Lots of birds and the sound of the river.  Frans said he felt like Snow White, waking up surrounded by forest and being visited by a Cape Robin-Chat couple, a meerkat and a troop of baboons.  In summer it will be amazing to dip into the little tile-lined plunge pool and enjoy some cocktails on the deck.  It’s a glorious spot and we’re delighted to have visited.  We’ll let the photos do the talking – but you’ll have to visit and experience it for yourself to fully immerse yourself in the fantasy forest.