The Snyderskloof Karoo Cottage is located about 25 km from Matjiesfontein, or about 3 hours drive from Cape Town (longer, if like us, you stop at the little farm stalls along the way to stock up). And best you stock up because once you’re at the cottage you’re miles from everywhere – just look at the drone images below – miles and miles of nothing! And you won’t want to leave. There’s a real sense of being alone in the ‘wilderness’, surrounded by silence, other than the bleating of the sheep in the distance and the squeaking of the windmill.

The cottage has been built out of rocks found in the veld, and is quite rustic, but very sweetly decorated with touches of vibrant red mixed with antique furniture and tin home ware. It’s very comfortable with a gas fridge/freezer, stove and shower. At night it’s lit by the fire, candles and paraffin lamps – rather cosy and romantic all round. The view from the deck lends itself to hours of mindful contemplation, accompanied by many glasses of deliciousness… as you read, watch the birds, field mice or the riverine rabbits in the lucerne, or just sit. And sit. And sit.

There are two bedrooms and a single bathroom with shower. They say you could use the additional two day beds in the lounge area as additional sleeping space but that’s too many bodies in close proximity for our liking. There is a stone plunge pool that will be delicious in summer but was a bit chilly when we visited. If you’re in need of a bit of tranquility and feel like you need to escape the urban craziness….then put Snyderskloof on your agenda.