…or more accurately, a bath in a treehouse.

Greyton is a quaint little town and perfect for a weekend away. It has the feeling of a neighbourly village with oak-lined side streets, locals on horses on the main road, a weekly market and some cozy restaurants. We were looking for somewhere a bit different to stay and chanced upon Anna’s Treehouse. The décor is not normally what we’d go for …. but that bath though!!! Who could resist it? Not us – so we booked it just for that.

The treehouse is a log cabin built around a massive tree (the trunk snakes through the open plan room). It has a little balcony overlooking the garden which is perfect for your morning coffee, a fabulous outdoor shower and the ultimate luxury – a slipper bath in front of huge plate glass windows facing the surrounding trees. Perfect for a romantic soak with some candles and dessert wine close at hand.

The kitchen space is really tiny though and while all the appliances needed for cooking are available, there’s very little counter space to prep anything properly. It’d be easier in summer when you could braai and make a quick salad. But we had wanted to try some local restaurants anyway, so it really wasn’t an inconvenience.

We visited the little Saturday market next to the church, snacked on some pancakes and bought some cheese and preserves and then wandered through the town, stopping in at various shops, buying some chocolate at Von Gesau, browsing for knick-knacks and enjoying the winter sunshine and discovering that this really is the town for mountainous foam on a coffee!

A gorgeous ginger kitty visited us regularly (she doesn’t belong to the owner but she insists that this is her house) and she made us feel very welcome in her home.

Update: this bathing experience was before the drought kicked in…we can only dream of our next bathing opportunity.